torstai 29. maaliskuuta 2012


Because of my new international friendships I'm going to write in English - the first text ever in English! :D

During the last weekend I had a quite busy schedule. With some clubmates I competed in three races in 24 hours.

Firstly, in saturday afternoon we participated mass start. Orienteering: satisfying, running: not satisfying. I knew beforehand that my running shape wouldn't be good so I'm not disappointed. Of course it would have been nice to climb to the podium. But it's a fact that I have no such powers to make it possible...yet.

After the race we took our way to the hostel. We ate and took our room quickly. Then drove back to the competition center. The night relay was the next competition in the timetable.

I had the first leg. Race was quite nice especially at the beginning. During the first kilometers I had good feeling and I managed to keep up with the leading group. Step by step I started to lose some time. I made little mistakes here and there and came to changeover more than three minutes behind the leading team. I was annoyed but I could see some good things in my performance.

After the "well-slept" nigth I had another first leg ahead of me: the one of the day relay's. With the experience of the last year I knew that I'm going to have a hard race. After two kilometers things started to slip into wrong direction and I ended up place 30 and almost ten minutes behind the leader. I lost more time with my speed than my with my orienteering - again. Running is the thing I have to get better.

We came to Finland during the sunday night. We were tired or even exhausted. Anyway, Danish Spring was nice event also in this year. As we say in Finnish, "viikonloppu ei jättänyt ketään kylmäksi".

Now I'm going to have some high-quality trainings for the next fifteen years!

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